2 Hospital Birth Stories with 1 NICU Stay and 1 Induction

Sidrah became pregnant with her daughter in 2018, after trying to conceive for 10 months. Her daughter was born at 39 weeks, but due to fluid remaining in her lungs, she had to be taken to the NICU where she stayed for 6 days to ensure there was no risk of infection or pneumonia. Because of this difficult start, Sidrah experienced challenges with breastfeeding and struggled with low milk supply.

Despite becoming pregnant unexpectedly just 7 months after giving birth, Sidrah was determined to have a successful breastfeeding journey with her son. However, he was born a little early at 37.5 weeks and didn’t develop the sucking reflex, which made breastfeeding a challenge. Compounding the issue was the pandemic, which made it difficult to find a lactation consultant who offered on-site visits. Sidrah eventually found a consultant who could meet with her in person, but had to do her own research to determine the correct flange size. Despite these challenges, she was ultimately successful in breastfeeding her son for a whole year.

Sidrah Tahir Bio

Sidrah resides in Austin, TX along with her husband of 6 years and their two children. Her daughter Zarina who is almost 4, and her son Zayden who is 2. Contact info: Instagram – @Sidrah515


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  • Labor.nurse.mama

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