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In a month where there is A LOT of great stuff happening in the diabetes world, stop for a minute and get to know D-Coded, a brilliant new resource which helps to break down diabetes research in an accessible, informative, and authentic manner. It simplifies complex research studies and contextualises information without losing any of the insights and provides people with diabetes a starting point to better understand research, and work out how to delve deeper if we want. 

One of the challenges of communicating research is that it can be a lot of detail using specialised language and complex stats and data interpretation. There may be an assumed knowledge that people simply may not have. There are acronyms, jargon, abstract concepts and the details can be lengthy and overly detailed. And that’s if we can see it! Often research papers are behind a paywall, so we can’t event see it in the first place. 

Diabetes research is the reason that we are all alive today and it gives us hope for the future. At any one time, the research agenda is advancing to find ways to prevent, cure and treat all types of diabetes in ways that give me so much hope. And so, it makes sense that we should have access to it in a way to keep us engaged and interested and wanting to know more. 

One of the tactics I’ve employed over the years is to ask researchers to break down their research into a tweet (280 characters or fewer), or as an elevator pitch. Most find it impossible to do. There is a language to research that can be complex, confusing, and complicated – just as there is a language to lived experience that confounds others. (Don’t believe me? Throw HbA1c, #YDMV, CGM, DIYAPS etc. around and see how people outside our community follow what we’re saying!) D-Coded does that for researchers. Everyone wins here!

It comes as no surprise that this came from the team at Diabesties. Led and powered by Jazz Sethi and involving community, it’s a project that once again shows how lived experience innovation drives change, this time by levelling the knowledge playing field. 

Check it out and share as widely as you can. 


I am a Lived Experience Advisor on D-Coded. I don’t receive any payment for my involvement and am honoured to have been invited to be part of this project. 


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