Emergency Cesarean Section & NICU Stay Followed by Two Healing VBACs

Things went smoothly for Anna during her first pregnancy so she was surprised in Labour when everything stalled at the 10cm. After almost 5 hours at 10cm Anna was given an emergency c-section.
After the birth Anna’s daughter Elara was very unwell with dangerously low blood sugars. Eventually she was diagnosed with hyperinsulinism. Anna and Andy navigated life with a baby in SCBU and Elara was eventually discharged after a month. She had also suffered a stroke in that time.
2.5 years later Anna was preparing for a VBAC. Her son Jowan ended up being overdue and the consultant felt it was best she had a c-section. However with a determined midwife advocating for her, despite being already at the hospital for a c-section, Anna had her waters broken and went into labour. Using hypnobirth techniques Anna had the vaginal birth she wanted.
Baby number 3 was at the very start of lockdown in the U.K. It was an uncertain time and Anna’s 3rd baby came 5 days early and very quickly. Anna delivered him on the bathroom floor of the hospital 5 minutes after they told her she was 10cm. Anna and Andy then navigated a short NICU stay and the Covid lockdown together as a new family of 5.

Anna Caldwell Bio

Anna is a trauma informed yoga teacher and hypnobirth coach. Anna and Andy live in Bath in England with 3 children and a new puppy. Our kids are 10, 7 and 3. Connect with Anna via email Anna@activestillness.org or IG @Annacaldwelladventures or Activestillnesscoaching


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