I’m available for hire! Need help with improving your understanding of autism and neurodiversity? – Sarah E Boon

Hello, me again! Many of you reading this will know me from either my writing on this blog or my various posts about being an autistic ADHDer on social media. Alongside my writing and social media posts, I have provided support for fellow neurodivergent people and their families, and designed and delivered training related to autism and neurodiversity to professionals as part of my day job. I also work on a freelance basis to help individuals/organisations improve their understanding of autism and neurodiversity to boost their confidence when working with neurodivergent people. The services I offer include;

  • Consultation on projects and advising on autism and neurodiversity.
  • Training design and delivery.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Media appearances
  • And more!

When working with individuals and organisations, I use my professional knowledge I have developed over the last several years (working in education, charities, and peer led organisations) alongside my education (MSc Psychology of Education and PgCert in autism) and lived experience as a neurodivergent person throughout my life so far!

I am also open to working on projects that are not mentioned on the list above, so if you have something else or another idea you would like to collaborate on together, please still get in touch using the link below. You can also find out more about previous freelance projects I have worked on and what I can offer by clicking on ‘Find out more about working together’!

If you enjoyed this post and like to support my writing, I would be forever grateful if you could buy me a coffee (or tea in my case).


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