IUI, Positive Medical Induction with Epidural after Cholestasis Diagnosis

After conceiving via IUI, Rosie had a fairly straightforward pregnancy until she was diagnosed with Cholestasis at 36 weeks. She had a medical induction at 38+2, and despite many interventions including misoprostal, a foley bulb, pitocin, internal fetal monitoring, and an amnioinfusion, it was a very positive experience. She delivered her daughter after about 20 hours of labor and just 30 minutes of pushing, with the help of an epidural and an amazing healthcare team. Early breastfeeding and postpartum were hard, but she settled into both and has had a wonderful journey with motherhood thus far. 

Rosie Ingebritson Bio

Rosie lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with her husband Andy and her two-year-old daughter. She’s a social worker turned stay at home mom and Andy is an attorney. Rosie loves making art, cooking, singing, going on everyday adventures with her family, and spending every day goofing around with her sweet girl. Connect with Rose on IG @rosieing.


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