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This weekend, I had the honor of pouring into over two hundred special needs caregivers. I told them about how much I wondered what I could speak about that would inspire them, be something new they hadn’t heard before, and give them something tangible to put into action.

I asked them to pause each day and ask themselves three basic questions to clear space to find gratitude and joy every single day. Even on the hardest days, there is always something to be grateful for.

In a world where we are so busy serving others, take a moment to catch your breath and check in on yourself.

Every single day, it could be first thing in the morning, it could be in my car on my way home from work, it could be as I’m laying my head down on my pillow at night I journal these three questions:

  • Today I am grateful for…
  • Today I found joy in…
  • Today I took a moment just for me by…

Some days the answers are easier than others, some days I really have to work at taking a moment just for me. But every single day I make myself a priority in some way for my own well-being.

Saturday, as we were winding down the retreat weekend and saying our goodbyes at a beautiful vineyard, a special needs grandma approached me. With the simplest question, she brought me my joy for the day.

“Your child, tell me about him.”

The simplicity and genuine sincerity of that statement brought tears to my eyes.

“Jackson is ten. He loves Disney, roller coasters, trains, and riding his bike. He’s moving into fourth grade in the fall and has the most amazing support team at school. He’s nearly taller than me already, wears a bigger size shoe, and starts every day with the largest stretch I’ve ever seen. He’s currently in feeding therapy, and it’s been very eye-opening for us to see how he interprets the food choices around him. He was so happy to be on summer break and loves to splash and swim. Next week he has his first 4-H project judging, and he chose model railroading. We still struggle with sleep, but we have more good days than bad, and that’s a blessing.”

One simple question that made me feel so seen. These retreats, friends, what a gift to give our community.

How blessed am I?

Written by Amanda  DeLuca of Jackson’s Journey, Jackson’s Voice.


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