Overcoming Medical Anxieties for an Unmedicated Hospital Birth with Doula + Breastfeeding Challenges

For a long time, Kathleen had many medical anxieties and fears that kept her from even wanting a child as it felt too scary and daunting to go through all the medical tests, blood draws, and ultimately a birth. But her feelings started to shift leading up to her 35th birthday. She used hypnobirthing to prepare for labor with the goal of an unmedicated birth in the hospital. She had a very peaceful hospital birth after a long early labor across two and half days at home with her husband by her side the entire time and mom as well present. The postpartum period was definitely challenging. In particular breastfeeding was even harder than expected due to latch issues and low milk supply along with postpartum anxiety. 

Kathleen Daly Bio

Kathleen lives in Austin, Texas with her German husband, her 4 month old daughter, and border collie rescue dog. She met her husband after living in Germany for several years. They moved to Austin together in 2014 and welcomed their first daughter in 2023. She works in tech, managing an Operations team. You can reach her at kathleen.daly37@gmail.com



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