Positive Unmedicated In-Hospital Birth Center Birth with brief NICU Stay

Amy had a 24 hour labor that ended in a waterbirth at a birth center that was inside a hospital. 

Thanks to this podcast and the Birth Hour’s Know Your Options’s course and a local Bradley method class, Amy and her husband Daniel felt very prepared, but inevitably they had some hiccups along the way. 

From 2 weeks of prodromal labor, to 12 great hours of real labor at home to walking the hospital for three hours trying to get admitted to finally getting admitted but not being allowed the tub and having no birth center nurse, it was quite a journey! After 6 hours in the shower, Amy finally had help at shift change and was allowed in the tub. 

Within one hour of getting in the tub she was in transition and after 30 minutes of pushing, Amy brought baby Laura into the world!  Amy’s water never broke so Laura was almost born en caul! Unfortnately, meconium in the water lead to a short NICU stay. Though Amy wishes they had had a golden hour post birth, their experience was overall positive and they are enamored with their healthy baby girl! 

Amy Straiton Bio

Amy is a mom of 1 living in Dayton Ohio with her husband Daniel. She is a stay at home mom by day and by night she makes journals and paper crafts for her Etsy shop! 

You can find her on Facebook as Amy Straiton and send a private message or leave a comment here.


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