Preparing for a Safe Birth & Healthy Baby with Gina Mundy – Podcast Ep 137

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At the end of the third trimester, most expecting moms are over being pregnant and are beyond ready to meet their baby. If you’re expecting or have had a baby, you can probably relate. Something else that the majority of these women will tell you is that even though they are so excited to meet their babies, they are also a bit afraid of labor and birth. We get it! Childbirth is unpredictable, and the unknown can be scary. We all want a healthy mom and baby, and a safe, positive childbirth experience. But why doesn’t everyone get that experience? There are a lot of reasons to answer that question, but our latest guest, Gina Mundy, can answer this further. We had an engaging conversation with her that we believe every pregnant mama preparing for birth should listen to!

Who is Gina Mundy?

Gina Mundy is an attorney specializing in childbirth cases. For over 20 years, she has been working to gain an in-depth understanding of childbirth. She has traveled nationwide, engaging with healthcare professionals to explore all aspects of labor and delivery. Her goal is to become involved before childbirth to prevent mistakes, and she is the best-selling author of “A Parents Guide to a Safer Childbirth.”

A Parent's Guide to a Safer Childbirth book cover

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As a mother of three herself, Gina is passionate about helping parents have the best childbirth experience possible and bringing a healthy baby into the world! She’s my kind of girl, and I couldn’t wait to talk to her about birth and hear all about her experience as a childbirth attorney.

What Did We Discuss?

In this episode, we’re chatting with Gina Mundy about tips to ensure a safe childbirth experience and have a healthy baby. We discussed actionable tips expecting moms need to know, and we learned more about Gina’s research and experiences. Here are several of the questions that we covered in our conversation:

  • How did you become passionate about safe childbirth and birthing a healthy baby?
  • What is the most important thing parents need to know to have a positive childbirth experience and a healthy baby?
  • How can parents pick the right healthcare provider during pregnancy and beyond?
  • What role does prenatal care play in a healthy birth?
  • How do healthcare providers such as doctors, midwives, and nurses play different yet important roles in a positive childbirth experience?
  • What are some common childbirth issues that parents should be aware of?
  • How can parents avoid these types of mistakes and have a healthy baby?
  • How can parents prepare emotionally and mentally for a positive and healthy childbirth experience?
  • What are some common misconceptions about childbirth safety?
  • What are your top tips for a successful childbirth experience?

Mentioned in the Episode

One of Gina’s big tips was for expecting parents to create a birth plan. If you are unsure where to start with a birth plan, we have an excellent article with a free birth plan template for you! We also have a podcast episode about birth plans that you can tune into to learn more!

Gina’s Resources

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