Questions of Love: Raising an Autistic Daughter

Does she know she has been fighting her entire life?

She fought to get nourishment and to breathe as a tiny baby.
Fifteen years later she continues to fight. Fight for comfort, fight for words, and fight for peace within her own body and mind.
Does she know she was born into a world that wasn’t built for her?
Does she know I will move heaven and earth to find the right tools to give her so she can walk through this world as safely and peacefully as she can?
Does she know that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes?

Does she know how deeply she has been loved by so many in her life?

Loved by certain teachers, paras, and therapists that went above and beyond to create goals for success and strategies to work through some of her hardest days and moments
Loved by grandparents that have learned and do as much as they can to help her feel comfortable at home.
Loved by siblings fiercely and unconditionally. They stepped up to teach, advocate for, care for, and protect her at all costs.
Loved by parents that would give up everything to make sure she has what she needs on a daily basis. Parents that will care for her the rest of their days. Parents that will try to have the best possible plan in place for her once they are no longer able to care for her. Parents that are so proud of the warrior she is because she works hard every single day on things others don’t even have to think about.
Does she know I will continue to stand right beside her in this fight? I will advocate as hard as I can. I will advocate for her to be seen, advocate for her to be heard, advocate for assistance, advocate for her health, advocate for her dignity, and advocate for her safety.

Does she know?

Have I done enough?
Have I done too much?
Does she feel safe?
Does she feel loved?
Does she know she has been fighting her entire life?
Written by Laura Simzyk of Olivia’s Extraordinary Journey 

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