Say Hello To CALPAK’s New Diaper Bag Collection

As a parent today, there’s a good chance you’re accustomed to going in a million directions at all times. Whether your parenting grind consists of heading from daycare dropoff to the office and back, visiting with family and friends, or heading out on a big family vacation, you deserve functionality, versatility, and style along the way. This is why we were excited to learn that CALPAK has newly launched a diaper bag collection, which provides all that and more!

A Travel Brand You’ll Love

If you’re like us, you know that CALPAK has long been known for its high-quality modern luggage line. Our team has purchased and used many of their totes, backpacks, packing cubes, and more over the years, and we love and recommend them. Their luggage, bags, and organizers are meant to last. Now that the brand has recently introduced a line made exclusively for parents, we had to check them out! And they did not disappoint. CALPAK’s Baby Collection features products for moms and dads in all stages of babyhood — and we can’t help but rave about the products! For starters, they’re:

  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified: CALPAK’s Baby Collection is made from textiles that are free from harmful toxins. You can rest assured when it comes to baby’s health and wellness (and baby’s stuff).
  • Water-resistant: The items in this line boast a water-resistant exterior, so your little one’s belongings will stay protected from the elements. Not to mention, this means easy cleanup of spills and would-be stains for you!
  • Made with recycled fabric: CALPAK’s baby bags are made with recycled nylon and polyester, making them an excellent eco-friendly investment.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: These aren’t your average diaper bags! CALPAK’s Baby Collection is sleek and chic. Their bags and accessories from this line are available in six beautiful colors: oatmeal, hazelnut, lime, slate, peony, and black.
  • Built with baby and mom (or dad) in mind: CALPAK’s diaper bags feature one-of-a-kind laptop sleeves to keep you connected wherever the day takes you. The sleeves make these bags a no-brainer for working parents!

. . . and that’s just the beginning! There’s truly so much to love about CALPAK’s seamlessly designed Baby Collection. Here’s a deeper look at their cool new baby bags and accessories.

CALPAK Baby Collection

CALPAK’s Baby Collection is here, and you’re guaranteed to find a baby bag that’s just right for you and your parenting journey, whether you’re a new parent, expecting, or expanding your family. This tastefully designed collection features six revolutionary baby bag products we know you’ll appreciate just as much as we do: a diaper tote bag, a diaper backpack, a convertible mini diaper backpack, a portable changing pad clutch, a convertible stroller caddy crossbody, and stroller straps. Here’s why we love them:

1. Diaper Tote Bag With Laptop Sleeve

Woman pulling out her laptop from the CALPAK tote diaper bag

CALPAK’s Diaper Tote Bag with a Laptop Sleeve is an excellent choice for parents who want to carry as much as possible to be prepared for anything the day brings. It’s perfect for new parents and offers a slew of features you’ll love.

The Details: This water-resistant diaper tote bag boasts a unique pocket for your laptop or iPad (up to 16 inches). It also features a luggage trolley sleeve, two insulated bottle compartments, an uber-accessible baby wipe compartment on the side, magnetic closure pockets, and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap. The bag is 20.75″ x 13.5″ x 7″ and has a packing capacity of 23 liters. The price is $178.

woman pulling out the wipes from the CALPAK tote diaper bag

Why We Love It: We love CALPAK’s Diaper Tote Bag with a Laptop Sleeve for obvious reasons. It’s stylish, functional, and just makes sense. The laptop sleeve makes navigating the logistics of daily work-life balance a breeze, allowing you to stay productive on the go. Meanwhile, the trolley sleeve means there’s no need to switch carry-on bags for out-of-town trips. Additionally, the insulated pockets maintain the perfect temperature for baby’s drinks, so they’re always ready when you need them. This is the perfect bag for the parent who wants to pack it all. Whether you’re taking a day trip to the zoo or getting on a plane with your little one, this bag has a pocket or spot for everything, and we love it!

2. Diaper Backpack With Laptop Sleeve

Mother holding up baby with a CALPAK diaper bag next to her.

Much like the Diaper Tote Bag, CALPAK’s Diaper Backpack with a Laptop Sleeve is a roomy option for modern parents who need maximum space for baby essentials. As one of the brand’s larger bag options, it’s ideal for long day trips or weekend getaways. This backpack features a laptop sleeve for laptops or iPads up to 14 inches. It also has plenty of space for everything else you’d want to stash in your diaper bag.

The Details: Apart from its signature laptop sleeve, this diaper backpack features a luggage trolley sleeve with a hidden pocket and adjustable shoulder straps, mesh pockets, a transport handle for easy carrying, and multiple insulated bottle pockets. The diaper backpack is 15.25″ x 11.5″ x 6.25″ and has a packing capacity of 17.5 liters. The price is $178.

Mom and baby next to a CALPAK bag on a suitcase

Why We Love It: CALPAK’s Diaper Backpack with a Laptop Sleeve is as practical as it gets. It’s easy to wear, it’s durable, and it fits so much inside, from snacks to electronics. In other words, you don’t have to decide between taking along your laptop (or your kiddo’s iPad) or every baby essential you can think of or need. Go ahead and pack it all! Like the other items in the collection, this backpack is made from water-resistant material that’s easy to wipe for a tidy interior. Kids and life are messy; this helpful feature is a no-brainer!

3. Convertible Mini Diaper Backpack

Woman going grocery shopping with her baby with her brown CALPAK diaper bag mini backpack
Woman going grocery shopping with her baby with her brown CALPAK diaper bag mini backpack

CALPAK’s Convertible Mini Diaper Backpack is perfect for minimalist parents. It’s also great for those with older children who don’t need as much space to carry everyday essentials. Built with the same thoughtfulness and quality as its larger counterparts, this compact bag doesn’t slack when it comes to convenience.

The Details: You can wear the Convertible Mini Diaper Backpack over your shoulder or as a crossbody bag. It features a padded tablet sleeve for tablets up to 11 inches. This backpack has adjustable and removable straps, an easy-carry handle, a magnetic closure, a trolley sleeve, a breathable mesh pocket, and insulated bottle pockets. It measures 12.75″ x 11″ x 5.25″ and has a packing capacity of 12 liters. The price is $138.

Woman going through the brown CALPAK mini diaper bag backpack

Why We Love It: We love how chic and compact yet functional this bag is. Traditional diaper bags can feel bulky (in other words, everything except stylish and comfortable). But this one is just the right size for only the essentials . . . and then some, like your iPad or tablet. We also love how versatile this bag is with its convertible strap design and removable shoulder straps. Plus, the bag is available in the classic CALPAK colors we love.

4. Portable Changing Pad Clutch

Woman holding the CALPAK diaper bag clutch

As we all know, one of the less pleasant parenthood rites of passage is that of racing to find wipes, diapers, and a clean surface in a pinch. CALPAK’s Portable Changing Pad Clutch is ideal for parents of babies in the earliest stages — and a must for seamless diaper changes anywhere, anytime!

The Details: CALPAK’s Portable Changing Pad Clutch is made of the same water-resistant, recycled materials as the rest of the Baby Collection. It features durability and design features to put your mind at ease for diaper changes on the go. It boasts multiple pockets, including a baby wipe pocket for those inevitable messy moments. This clutch also has a collapsible hanging hook (perfect for travel), a detachable changing pad, and breathable mesh interior pockets. It measures 11.25″ x 8″ x 3″ and costs $74.

Woman opening the CALPAK diaper bag clutch on the floor

Why We Love It: As busy parents, we’re keen on products that make the daily act of raising babies more manageable. This portable diaper-changing bag eliminates the stress of handling diaper changes when you’re away from the comfort of the changing table at home. It’s an ideal bag for quick outings with your baby or toddler when you just need the essentials. It keeps all the necessary diaper-changing supplies in one place for organized convenience. But it’s sleek enough to take on any outing! We also appreciate the collapsable hanging hook so this bag doesn’t have to sit on the floor or changing table when in use. It’s perfect with its space-saving storage and cleanliness in any environment.

5. Convertible Stroller Caddy Crossbody With Stroller Straps

Woman holding her baby wearing the black CALPAK diaper bag

CALPAK’s Convertible Stroller Caddy Crossbody with Stroller Straps is a game changer for parents who lead active stroller lifestyles. It can be used as either a crossbody bag or a stroller caddy, with the option to switch between the two in a pinch. Perfect for simplifying your daily outings with your little one while streamlining what you take along!

The Details: The Convertible Stroller Caddy Crossbody features two insulated bottle pockets, expandable sides, multiple interior and exterior pockets, and an adjustable magnetic closure. It comes ready to use with stroller straps and a D-ring attachment. The bag is 12″ x 7″ x 5″ and has a packing capacity of 6.5 liters. The price is $98.

A look inside the black CALPAK crossbody diaper bag

Why We Love It: While it can be easy to overpack for everyday errands and adventures with tiny humans, it’s so much more enjoyable to minimize bags and “extras” when possible. We love the versatility and functionality this stroller caddy crossbody offers! It eliminates the need to pack multiple bags and/or caddies for the stroller. It also provides ease of organization and CALPAK’s signature, made-to-last quality. Plus, we appreciate that the bag comes with stroller straps and a D-ring attachment, providing hands-free mobility.

6. Stroller Straps for Diaper Bag (Set of 2)

CALPAK crossbody diaper bag converted into a stroller caddy

CALPAK’s Stroller Straps for Diaper Bag are included with the Convertible Stroller Caddy Crossbody and are also available for purchase as a standalone set. Designed to simplify walks with your toddler, these straps attach to the D-rings of your preferred CALPAK baby bag to seamlessly convert it into a stroller caddy. Convenience and efficiency at their best!

The Details: CALPAK’s Stroller Straps for Diaper Bag come in a two-pack. They feature a durable design for easy carrying, a secure clip attachment, and the same durable, water-resistant material as all CALPAK’s Baby Collection bags. The straps wrap around your stroller handlebar to provide a secure fit for your baby bag. They measure 9.25 inches in length and cost $28.

Why We Love It: We love the added ease of transport these stroller straps give our baby bags. They’re especially great for those of us with limited space in the storage compartments of our strollers. Any new parent would agree that a break for our backs and shoulders is a welcome one! Even more, the straps make bottles, wipes, and everything in between within reach and easily accessible. CALPAK’s Stroller Straps are a simple accessory that comes in handy.

The Bottom Line

Mom wearing the large CALPAK diaper bag backpack while pushing a stroller with her baby outside

Modern parenthood is busy, and you deserve to enjoy all the adventure it brings. By eliminating unnecessary constraints and limitations, CALPAK’s Baby Collection allows parents to pack up in style, functionality, and sustainability — and focus on the joy along the journey. These one-of-a-kind baby bags and accessories are designed to last, whether you’re traveling near, far, alone, or with family and friends. So, check out the collection and be ready to find your new favorite baby bag!


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