Two Hypnobirthing Home Births – A Water Birth and A Precipitous Toilet Birth Story

Jen is obsessed with pregnancy and birth. She is passionate about sharing her birth stories, and  discussing all things birth, so more women can have empowering, beautiful, powerful, and  transformative birth experiences. 

Jen and her husband got pregnant on their honeymoon in Bora Bora about 3-4 months after they started  trying to conceive. They were living in Australia at the time, and when Jen was 23 weeks pregnant they  came back to the US to give birth and be near Jen’s family. Jen had transitioned from midwife in Australia  to a midwife in the US. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Sunriver, Oregon in her parents’ house  after 24 hours of early labor and about 5-7 hours of active labor. She was adamant about breastfeeding  but nervous on how it would go because she had a breast reduction when she was 21. Surprisingly, all  went better than expected and she was able to exclusively breastfeed. She weaned her son when he  turned two. 

They knew they wanted more children, so when Jen’s cycle returned at 17 months postpartum, they  started trying again. Jen got pregnant with her second child and planned another home birth with the  same birth team. Her first birth went so well that she was nervous that her next birth wouldn’t be as  good. At 39 weeks and two days, to her surprise, she had a precipitous labor and birth and experienced  the Fetal Ejection Reflex. Her mom, midwife, and birth photographer all missed the birth! Jen and her  husband hope to expand their family further in the future. 

Jennifer Burzic Bio 

Jen has been with her husband, Jasin, for 12 years. They fell in love while she was studying abroad in  Australia. They have two incredible children, Walker who is 4, and Summer, who is 21 months. Jen has  known she wanted to be a mother since she was 3 years old. An OG listener of the birth hour, she  decided years before she was pregnant that as long as she was low risk, she wanted to pursue a home  birth. Prior to becoming a mom, she worked as a nurse, and then on research at The University of  Queensland in the School of Public Health. She loves good vegan food, warm tropical vacations, and  spending time with her family and friends. Reach out to her with any questions or to connect at or on Instagram @jenburzic.


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