Two Positive Unmedicated Birth Stories: Birth Center to Hospital Transfer & Fast 2nd Birth in a Moving Car

Sarah’s first labor was over 24 hours long with extreme nausea, an early urge to push, a transfer from birth center to L&D during transition, long pushing stage, and delivery with nuchal hand. After experiencing PPD and PPA, Sarah found help

and connection within her community. A miscarriage at the end of the first trimester while alone out-of-town and poor hospital care followed. After conceiving again, Sarah worked to prepare for another long labor and challenging postpartum. Surprisingly, Sarah’s second labor was a fast and furious precipitous labor, where she ultimately delivered her baby by herself while her husband pulled up to the birth center entrance. 

Sarah McGuirk Bio

Sarah lives in St. Louis, MO, with her husband, two daughters, and rescue pit mix dog. Sarah is back in school working to become a board certified music therapist after a decade working as a freelance collaborative pianist and music educator.


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