Uniquely Hari: Midday Muddle

There is a total solar eclipse today and Nashville lies in the path of totality.

A fun poem poking fun at bats and the eclipse. 

Midday Muddle

Bats take flight in solar eclipse gloom.

The day must had donned its nightcap, zoom!

A dance of glee, a faux night delight

Till sunlight peeked, they fled in flustered flight.

But do bats really come out during solar eclipse thinking it’s night?

The idea that bats come out during a solar eclipse, mistaking it for night, is based more on anecdotal observations than solid scientific evidence. Bats use a combination of cues for navigation and determining the time of day, including light levels but also their internal biological clocks. While it’s plausible that the sudden darkness of a total solar eclipse could confuse some bats into thinking it’s dusk or dawn, prompting them to emerge, scientific studies on this specific behavior are limited. However, there are reports and observations of animals, including bats, exhibiting unusual behavior during solar eclipses, such as birds falling silent or nocturnal animals briefly becoming active.

It’s worth noting that not all bat species would react the same way, and the extent to which they become active would likely vary depending on the local environment, the species, and the specific circumstances of the eclipse.


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