Unmedicated Birth with Broken Knee, 18 Years After First Birth

Ja’Nae Carns Bio

Ja’Nae is part of a family of four from Northern California, rooted in the Bay Area. They love the outdoors – snowboarding, stargazing, camping, farmers markets. Ja’Nae enjoys photography on the side while working and juggling life. She is a Mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a grand daughter and a niece. Ja’Nae’s husband Justin, her son Darion and her daughter Alannah are all on this crazy ride of life with her. Ja’Nae wanted to tell her birth stories to add to the vast and wide library the Birth Hour holds and to put her little stamp of herstory out there, for her son and daughter. She also wants to share this story with others traveling down this path, creating comfort and community. Connect with her @jlee_carns on Instagram.



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