40+ First Easter Baby Photo Shoot Ideas You Can Do at Home

There is something very sweet about baby Easter photos. Maybe it’s the newness of a newborn and spring that makes it such a perfect fit. Or maybe everyone is so sick of winter that we’re all looking for an excuse to do an adorable photo shoot.

I’ve scoured the web, Instagram, and Pinterest to find the best Easter photo ideas to inspire your next photo session. I’ve tried to find a balance between easy and inspirational, but even if some of these professional photographers’ skills are out of your league, you might be able to pull out a few key tricks.

lolamelani on Instagram

1. Gorgeous Simplicity

If your baby is a super fresh newborn, a clean shot on white sheets with a simple knitted easter bunny would be beautiful. Sometimes, simple ideas make the best baby photos. The older a baby is, the less likely you’re going to pull this photo off.

baby with bunny ear holding two stuffed animals
cuddle + kind

2. Easter Buddies

Here’s a great example of a clean, simple shot with an older child. Keep their outfit, background and any props as neutral as possible. Your best bet is to use natural daylight and take the shot overhead from some height. Try to have it all set up before you bring in your star (at this age they aren’t going to wait for the ‘golden hour’.)

newborn baby sleeping with my first easter prop
nathanfarinella on Instagram

3. My First Easter

Newborn babies sleep a lot so take advantage of their indifferent snoozing. Keep all props and outfits neutral and try to use natural light. You can often find these wooden milestone disc sets on Etsy. I love this set, although, I would ask the shop if they could leave the year off the New Year’s disc so you can use them for other kids.

baby girl in pink dress olding stuffed rabbit with one month old sign
ourheartsfull on Instagram

4. Milestone Bunny

This shot is just so precious. Look at her socks?! Keeping the palate blush and white keeps the focus on the baby. If you are looking for the props and cute outfit, she has them all tagged in her Instagram post. The bunny is Hannah from Cuddle + Kind.

Cuddle + Kind
These ethically produced hand-knit dolls are so incredible soft and well made. Every doll you purchase feeds 10 children in need. They are heirloom quality and I can’t say enough about them. See all their little creatures here.

baby's first Easter outdoor photo kissing stuffed bunny toy sitting on chair in field
Oh So Posh Photography 

5. Bunny Kiss

It’s amazing what kind of shots you can get when you use natural light. Set up a favorite stuffed bunny (or other easter props) on an old chair or even a tree stump for a sweet nature shot.

infant dressed in ivory with stuffed rabbit
cuddle + kind

6. Bunny Buds

Neutral clothes + bunny hat + Henry the Bunny = a perfect Easter shot. Try to layer textures and levels by using a pillow with a muslin swaddle to give some depth.

baby with bunny ears sitting on chair with grey rabbit
Potterybarn Kids

7. Bunny Ears

I mean, how can you miss with bunny ears? The ears, the bunny and probably the chair are all from Potterbarn Kids. I like how the ears are softer than dollarstore ears which tend to be on a plastic hair band and might not go over well with someone who has a new, sensitive head.

Newborn baby's first Easter photo biting stuffed bunny toy in arms
Kyla Jo Photography

8. Hello Handsome

Take advantage of any fancy Easter outfits by putting a neutral throw over a baby seat to create the perfect photo nest. Pair it with a beloved stuffed rabbit and you’re good to go.

baby wearing bunny ears sleeping next to hannah the bunny
_celestefaith_ on Instagram

9. Sleeping Bunny

I don’t think it’s any accident that cuddle + kind comes up in a lot of these stunning photos (this is Hannah the bunny) but you could use any large stuffed rabbit or jellycat here. Her outfit is from Little Zemi and her hat is from Little and Fern in Australia.  (she’s tagged them all on Instagram.)

baby wearing pink bunny ears for easter photo

10. Bunny Attack

I honestly don’t think you have to overthink props sometimes. Bunny hats on a baby are the cutest friggin’ site ever (baby bear hats are a close second), so pop one on your kid when they’re in a good mood and get some great candid shots. I found this whole outfit (with a tail!) on Etsy.

mom holding newborn baby wearing knitted bunny hat
mackenziestorck on Instagram

11. Bunny Hold

I don’t know what it is about these ‘hold shots’ that I just love but they are always a winner for me (like a clap track in songs or anything with cinnamon). I couldn’t find the original hat maker but Etsy has a selection of similar ears. She has also tagged the sleeper and hat in her Instagram post.

photoshoot of baby wearing bunny ear hat in a basket surrounded by eggs

12. Little Nest

There is little doubt that a professional photographer took this image in a studio, but depending on your backdrop (like dark hardwood floors), using darker, natural colors with the wood and the green might be a better approach. Also, note how low the photographer has gotten compared to some of the other overhead shots.

baby wearing bunny ears backlit
whimsybombom on Instagram

13. Sunshine Ears

I love the simplicity of this photo, but it’s deceptive because you’d have to nail the light AND have a child who was okay with wearing the bunny ears. If you get this shot, for the love of Pete, tag me on Instagram!

infant wearing bunny hat and diaper cover with blue tail

14. Fluffy Tail

If you’re photographing a newborn, consider taking a photo from the back so you capture that sweet ‘tucked up’ stage. I found the hat and tail set on Etsy, and plastic eggs can be found at the dollar store.

Knit crochet bunny diaper cover and bunny ear hat

15. Tops and Tails

An older baby might not stay put like a newborn but you can definitely capture some great Easter shots while they are occupied. Amazon had the bunny set and the carrots. I couldn’t find the exact muslin swaddle but you’d want something either taupe or fawn color to play against the pop of the orange carrots.

baby wearing bunny hat surrounded by carrots shaped like a heart
Tarin Sara on Pinterest

16. Carrot Heart

Who knew a bunch of carrots could look so cute!? I would set up your carrots and take a few test shots before popping your baby in there – “Sorry, can’t talk right now, the baby is napping and I’m setting up my carrot heart.”

baby in a wooden crate wearing easter bunny outfit holding carrot

17. Bunny Box

This is another outstanding professional photo, but the dark elements with the soft bunny outfit and the pop of orange carrots are something you could definitely try at home.

baby dressed in white holding a carrot
DM for credit

18. Mmm Carrots

There’s something so clean about all the white elements with a bright orange carrot. Make sure they don’t bite off a chokeable piece when you’re not watching. You’re smart, you get it.

baby in spring outfit with a tree branch with easter eggs on it

19. Spring Tree

You wouldn’t think a random branch with a bunch of hanging Easter eggs would make such an effective backdrop, yet here we are. You could swap out the branch for easter garland as well. So sweet!

newborn baby surrounded by pastel easter eggs

20. Circle of Eggs

The simplicity of this image is just beautiful. I love the muted pastel colors of the eggs and the knitted diaper cover.

baby in bunny outfit sleeping with basket and easter eggs
taylorkrabill on Instagram

21. Easter Dreams

Ah, the things you can do at nap time. I love how soft everything is and the precious bunny hooded onesie. (I think it’s from Baby Bunny Co.)

baby with bunny ear hat next to an 9 made from plastic easter eggs
annawithlove on Instagram

22. Milestone

I love the combination of a holiday and a milestone. If you were fancy, you could probably shoot these separately and then combine them in one photo if you thought your bunny might go rogue. (It would still make for a cute shot!)

baby wearing blue dress and bow looking in an easter basket

23. Easter Basket of Eggs

The soft focus with the brightly colored eggs in a basket makes for a lovely Easter photo shoot. I mean, plastic Easter eggs are so fun, so you’re bound to get some nice photos of a curious baby or toddler if you hand them a big basket of them. (Frankly, it would occupy me for a good ten minutes.)

baby in a basket full of plastic easter eggs

24. Easter Bundle

Oh my heart, this face. I can’t get over how well this home shoot turned out! You can see more shots and angles on her post here if you want to try to recreate it.

First Easter photo baby sitting in basket playing with multicolour plastic eggs

25. Egg Eating

Plastic Easter Eggs are fuuun! If you want to try this shot, make sure your basket is sturdy enough not to tip if your baby leans to the side.

baby wearing white bunny ears in a basket full of easter eggs
DM for credit

26. Basket and Ears

I think the best way to tackle these shots is to fill your base with a blanket or swaddle, add most of the eggs, then add your baby then put a handful of eggs on top. Everything in this composition comes together so perfectly that I feel like it’s a bit of a unicorn.

Baby's First Easter photo with pastel eggs wearing bunny headband
Haley Gloss on Pinterest

27. Daisy Smile

If you can play around with camera focus (like portrait mode on an iPhone), you can get some fantastic depth with eggs in the foreground. I love the soft pinks and yellows in this shot!

First Easter Photo baby in basket filled with pink and purple eggs

28. Purple Bunny

I like the use of a limited palette instead of the typical multicolored eggs. Note the slight angle on this shot rather than the overhead approach.

Baby's first Easter photo wearing bunny ears with bright plastic eggs
Amanda Noah on Pinterest

29. Free Eggs

Not every kid is going to be cool with being tucked in a basket. This shot uses a muslin swaddle backdrop with some ears and eggs!

baby in photo of cracked egg
Ashlee Campbell on Pinterest

30. Crack Up

I love these cute depth perception cheat shots. I’ve seen these done with white eggs and brown eggs with great effect. I’m not sure it would work with a plastic Easter egg but you never know.

Baby's first Easter perspective photo baby between cracked egg shells
emparegatoss on Instagram 

31. Freshly Hatched

I feel like you’d either need an extra person or a tripod to make these happy but let me know if you have figured out a better cheat.

Baby's first Easter photo outdoor metal bucket milk bath with plastic eggs

32. Spring Tub

All of these types of shots involved babies sitting in a type of milk bath. People used water with real milk added in, Cetaphil with water, or baby wash that they use every day.

Baby's first Easter outdoor photo fluffy bunny tail and ears with bright plastic eggs on grass

33. Garden Bunny

Nothing like a little bunny tail in the garden with ears for your first easter egg hunt!

Baby's first easter outdoor photo dressed with with bowtie and bunny ears

34. Best Dressed Bunny

How cute is this guy’s outfit?! The bowtie on this Sunday best is ::chef’s kiss::

Baby bum first easter photo outdoors on grass wearing bunny ears

35. Buff Bunny

Sometimes you just need a pair of ears, some cotton balls and some grass to live your best life.

Baby's first Easter spring photo in tulip field

36. Flower Power

I love the soft focus of this shot with the tulips in the foreground. It captures the Easter season without getting into Easter themes.

Baby's first Easter spring photo smelling fresh tulips in vase
something devine

37. Smell the Roses (or Tulips)

The dark wall with the fresh flowers makes a beautiful spring shot!

siblings surrounded by plastic easter eggs
DM for credit

38. Sibling Eggs

I love how timeless this shot is because no one is wearing clothes that will indicate what year it was taking in. Also, can we all take a moment to appreciate the look on that baby’s face? “I guess I’ve been born into a ‘photo family’. Okay, let’s do this.”

siblings dressed in bunny outfits looking at easter board books on shelves
redwhiteanddenim on Instagram

39. Bookshelf

Sibling shots are hard. Rarely are both kids ‘on’ at the same time. I love the bookshelf idea with the matching outfits. You could recreate this for Christmas, Halloween, etc. I think it’s brilliant.

Baby's Easter photo funny whiteboard idea with stuffed bunny and eggs in basket
amee.mccue on Instagram 

40. Letterboard

Letterboard are fun and can be used for funny sayings or milestones. You can find a whole list of seasonal caption ideas if you need some inspiration.

Kid and toddler Easter photo matching tutus with chalk drawing bunny ears and flowers
white.olya on Instagram 

41. Chalk Talk

How pretty and fun is this chalk drawing idea. If you live somewhere warm, you could do this for all holidays. As kids got older, they could draw their own!

Where to find the best Easter photography props and accessories

If you’re on the hunt for props, places like Amazon, Etsy, Dollar stores and even thrift stores are your best bet. As far as Easter outfits go, I’d check out Carter’s, Target, and Old Navy for Easter clothing that isn’t too pricey.

Have fun with your DIY Easter photoshoot!

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas to capture some fun Easter-inspired shots, whether they are candid or you set a little mini studio up in your home. Let me know if you’ve nailed that perfect shot, or tag me on Instagram!

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