Uniquely Hari: Keynote at Duke ACE

Uniquely Hari: Keynote at Duke ACE

Keynote at Duke ACE

An HONEST and POWERFUL talk I’ve heard in a long time.

Hari Srinivasan‘s presentation “Redefine the Table” for the Duke Center for Autism & Brain Development / Duke Autism Center of Excellence, called for a paradigm shift!

“Only when you think [of] possibility, can the door of opportunity open.”

What’s wrong:

– Inequity of access to support and resources
– Systemic discrimination (!!) and low expectations in education
– Industries that exploit autism solely for massive profits and lack accountability (!!)
– Limited scope of autism research
– Language divide within the community

What needs to change:

1) Develop solutions for the most marginalized
2) Combat discrimination and raise expectations in education
3) Create affordable, accessible therapies focused on progress, not profit
4) Expand research to include diverse autistic individuals
5) Foster acceptance of both person-first and identity-first language



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