Emergency C-Section under General Anesthesia in Norway and Hard Postpartum with Milk Protein Allergy

After a confusing start to pregnancy caused by inconsistent tests and symptoms, Anita experienced a progressively easier first pregnancy. After passing her due date, she eventually scheduled an induction, but went into labour naturally 5 hours before.

After labouring unmedicated for hours, she got an epidural, but never dilated past 4cm. Professionals opted for an emergency c-section under anaesthesia after a couple scary incidents of losing the fetal heartbeat.

In her episode, Anita shines light on midwife led prenatal care in Norway, and talks about her challenging postpartum period after an intense birth experience, as well as how she is trying to overcome the grief of not being able to consciously witness her son’s birth.

Anita Hulkkonen Bio

Anita is a young mom living in Northern Norway with her husband, son, and cat. She works almost full time, while balancing motherhood and partnership.

Social media: anitahulkkonenmillerjord on Instagram, Anita Hulkkonen-Millerjord on Facebook


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