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Hello everyone,

My post will be rather brief today, but that’s because I have more of an update rather than a longer blog post. This week, a paper I co-authored on was published in a journal! It’s a true pinch me moment. Growing up, I was not considered academic and instead received the backhanded complement of “she tries hard but…….”. Fast forward to today and I suspect my academic accolades are higher than the adults who made those comments about me back then, so I will admit I am feeling slightly smug about it (hehe). Seriously though, I’m very grateful to have opportunities later on where I was able to develop my academic abilities outside of school.

Back to the paper! So what is it about?

The paper is titled ‘Teaching higher education staff to understand and support autistic students: evaluation of a novel training program’. We evaluated the impact of our training programme we created for higher education staff – so they could better support autistic students at university. Our paper is part of a wider project funded by the Office for Students in the UK looking to improve mental health of students – including autistic students. Please click on the link below to find out more and our findings!


Being a co-author on this paper and part of this project is just one example of the freelance work I do. I have worked with a variety of people and organisations to help them better understand autism and neurodiversity through my professional and lived experience. If you are interested in working with me, then you can find out more by clicking here

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! and no doubt I will continue to post my thoughts on neurodiversity into the new year and beyond!

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