Redemptive VBAC After a Traumatic C-Section Birth Story

Leslie’s VBAC was both challenging and redemptive. After a traumatic emergency c-section with her first birth, she was determined to try for a VBAC with her second birth nearly four years later. She surrounded herself with a team of women (The Birth Hour’s Know Your Options course, an all-women’s provider team of OBs and midwives, a doula, a personal trainer, a chiropractor, and a therapist) to prepare her in every way for the marathon of childbirth. She also had some major goals or steps that she felt would move her toward accomplishing a VBAC, including avoiding induction, laboring at home as long as possible, and delaying an epidural as long as possible. In the end, she went into labor the night before her induction was scheduled (at 41 weeks and 4 days), she labored at home for 3 of 12 hours, and she got an epidural exactly when she needed to. With the help of her doula, her ever-supportive partner, and two incredible midwives, her baby boy was born via VBAC after almost 12 hours of labor and nearly 2 hours of pushing. Although laboring all night and pushing for so long made for an exhausting experience, the birth was redemptive in every way and Leslie credits her powerhouse team of women with helping her achieve the birth she’d always imagined. 

Leslie Reynolds Bio

Leslie is a mid-30s working mom of two boys (ages 1 and 5). She works in the international education field, and currently lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband, sons, and giant dog, Boone. Although she grew up in Jacksonville, she spent 15 years living in other states around the Southeast United States, and she claims Charlotte, NC as her other home. She has a Bachelor of English degree from Queens University of Charlotte and a Master of Education from the University of South Carolina. When she isn’t working or spending time with her family, she loves listening to audiobooks and podcasts, taking and editing photos (mostly of her kids), and talking herself out of working out. She and her husband love to travel, and they are looking forward to taking their first vacation as a family of four to Yellowstone and the Tetons this summer. Connect with her on Instagram: @lesterva or LinkedIn: 


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  • @thebirthtrauma_mama (birth trauma support, recovery, and community)

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